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8-week program - 1 hour session per week - Every Monday at 6:30 PM

Starting on November 6, 2023

1. FOCUS ON 1 CHAKRA a week      2 .12-STEP PRINCIPLES matched to CHAKRAS

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This program is for those seeking to stay embodied and continue the work of addiction recovery

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COST: $88 for 8 one-hour classes

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Breathing techniques

About Us

Our world is plagued with stress and over stimulation, exhaustion and depression. Whether we need to down regulate or stimulate our nervous system, the aim of yoga therapy is to regulate the nervous system, creating balance in all the qualities of our lives.  


All Blue Healer Yoga teachers are yoga therapists who customize a class on the spot to meet the needs of whoever walks into the studio. Looking through the yoga therapy lens, we are able to choose tools based on our observations to meet each individual's needs.

Blue Healer is a boutique studio with small classes of 10 or fewer. We have created an environment that features a wave wall, cascading light waterfall, simulated sunrise and sunset, and soft, floating ceiling clouds. Essential oils are specifically chosen for each class and emanate through air purifiers. This unique environment is meant to enhance your healing practice and is exclusive to Blue Healer Yoga.

Karen Basich  

I would recommend Pamela Gerber, an experienced Yoga Instructor, to anyone that is interested in better health and well being.

I have learned many yoga exercises and meditation techniques from Pamela.  She is a very patient yoga instructor and explains each yoga position, exercise, and meditation technique so well!  She always explains in detail what each position, exercise, and mediation technique does for body and mind.  Thanks to her guidance for several years, I am an enthusiastic student!  I will follow her guidance for as long as I am able.  I am experiencing better mental and physical health daily.  

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7561 Center Avenue, #33 Huntington Beach CA 92647

Tel: 714-317-2120   

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Inside OLD WORLD Village

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